Git | Github
Ruby | Gem, Bundle…
Jekyll | Markdown, Liquid, Rouge, YAML
Optional: RVM, Disqus, Google Search Console…

As follows, I’m trying to explain in the briefest way. It’s also good to get more detailed understandings here. Though written in English, links here I attach are almost Chinese (for better understandings).


Github pages

  1. Github > New Repository
  2. Repo > Settings > GitHub Pages > Source: the branch that your site built from.

    • Your site is published at https://[username][Repo_name]/

Jekyll (local)

  1. Ruby
  2. RubyGems
  3. Jekyll
gem install jekyll


Construct your site (code)

  • Completely by yourself. Reference: Jekyll Structure

      git init
  • A template may help a lot, e.g., Jekyll Themes

      git clone <> <folder>
      cd <folder>
      rm -rf .git
      git init